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My Heart has a Cell Phone, Again

On Monday I went for the appointment with the nurse practitioner at my cardiologist’s office.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been dealing with some weird heart palpitations and breathing issues, etc…, and it has been quite a while since I’ve have any tests done, so it was time for the visit.

The NP noted my issues and, after consulting with another cardiologist at the practice, decided that I should wear a heart monitor for a month to see if we can document the issues I’m having.   So, once again, my heart has a cell phone.

It was also decided that I should undergo a cardiac MRI in order to get a better idea of how well my heart is or is not functioning at this time.  It’s been two years, as of this month in fact, since I’ve had one of these tests.  So, it’s time.  I’m waiting for the heart pavilion at the local hospital to contact me and let me know when that test will be done.  I should know by the end of the week.

For now, I’m trying to get used to having this blasted heart monitor on again.  I’ve only had it since Monday and I’m already having issues with allergic reactions to the adhesive on the electrode patches.  I’ve contacted the company and they are sending a batch of patches for folks with sensitive skin, but it will take a few days for them to get here.    For now, I’m trying to figure out how to make due with what I’ve got, and keep myself from ripping the patches off and scratching the hell out of the itchy spots.  Wish me luck.

During my first adventure with the heart monitor two years ago, I made a video about the monitor and how it worked and all.  Since I have the exact same monitor this time around, and since today is Throw Back Thursday, I thought I’d share that video again.  Enjoy.

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  • Karen

    I’m proud of you for doing what you need to do to say healthy. I hope they can get you some adhesive that works for you! Keeping you in my thoughts.