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More like Teflon, Less like Velcro

Well, here we are.  20 days into the new year and I’m just now getting around to writing about my resolution for 2014.  OK, writing about it here anyway.  I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter on New Year’s Day.

As I said then, my resolution for 2014 is to try to be a little more like Teflon and a little less like Velcro.  Now, what on earth does that mean? More like Teflon and less like Velcro?

Well, the idea was inspired by an article by Martha Funnell that I found in the Fall 2013 issue of Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine.  The article was titled “Velcro or Teflon: Which one are you?” and focused on responses to stressful events and their impact on our our bodies and diabetes management.  I found it quite interesting given the numerous problems I was dealing with at the time, so I filed the magazine away for future reference, knowing that I’d come back to it at some point.

If you read my blog, or follow my posts on Facebook or Twitter, you know that the last several months have been quite difficult.  You know about my aunt’s death, my battle with burnout, depression, etc…  It’s all taken a huge toll on me.

Frequently, the question raised in Funnell’s article has been present in my mind.  “Velcro or Teflon: Which one are you?”  My answer is obvious.  I’ve definitely been more like Velcro the last 6 months.   Every incredibly stressful thing that has happened over the course of these last month has clung to me and pulled me down to a pretty dark place.

Well, that’s where the resolution comes from.  I need to be a little more like Teflon, and not let the bad things stick and keep me from doing what I need to do to care for me.  I know that there are plenty of things beyond my control, but I can control how I care for myself and my health needs.  I can make sure I’m checking my blood sugars as I should be.  I can make sure I’m taking all of my medications as I’m suppose to be.  And, I can make sure I’m eating well.

I’ve never been really good with the new year’s resolution thing and may well fall on my face with this one, but I’m giving it a shot.

I’m worth it.

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  • NJRae

    Great post & attitude! What an inspiring reminder to do what we CAN instead of torturing ourselves over what we CAN’T. And if we fall on our faces. so what, we get back up and try again. Here is to the year bringing you many wonderful things and new challenges to explore.