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I Don’t Regret A Mile

The words below are from the recitation part of a song called “I Don’t Regret A Mile“.  The song was written by the late Howard Goodman, a gospel singer.  It talks of things that could have made him give up, and reasons why he didn’t.  In the wake of all that I’ve experienced with my own personal struggles over the last few years and currently, the words speak to me.  And, it being Sunday, I felt the urge to share.

I’ve dreamed many dream that never came true,
I’ve seen them vanish at dawn.
But enough of my dreams have come true,
to make me keep dreaming on.

I’ve prayed many a prayer, seemed no answer would come,
though I’ve waited so patient and long.
But enough of answers have come to my prayers,
to make me keep praying on.

I’ve sown many a seed, that’s fell by the wayside,
for the birds to feed upon.
But I’ve held enough golden sheaves in my hands,
to make me keep sowing on.

I’ve trusted many a friend that’s left me,
and left me to weep alone.
But enough of my friends have been true blue,
to make me keep trusting on.

I’ve drained the cup of disappointment and pain,
gone many a day without a song.
But I’ve sipped enough nectar from the roses of life,
to make me want to live on.

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