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Peace In The Eye Of The Storm

While looking through an old blog that I wrote while in college, I came across this poem that I had posted.  There were a lot of things going on in the world, and in my life personally, and this seemed to express how I was feeling at the time.  In the wake of recent events, it seems fitting to share it here on MDH.

Peace In The Eye Of The Storm
by: Jill Lemming

Let us find peace in an angry world
let us strive harder each day
to live as your people, humble and good
without violence and vengeance, we pray.

Let us walk proud, united as one
determined to live by our faith
trusting Your guidance in all that we do
thankful for the gift of Your Grace.

Lord, we are strong, not by ourselves
but with Your Spirit abiding within
every moment of every day
we surrender to You once again.

With our country in turmoil and bound in sin
we plead for a change still to come
Lord, give us leaders who rely on You
to direct what this world will become.

We leave our future in Your loving Hands
in the midst of a World that is torn
whatever we face, we know You are there
to bring peace in the eye of the storm.

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