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Giving the gym another shot

Recently I tweeted that I had joined a gym.  And there have been a few tweets since indicating that I was either en route to the gym or had just left.  What that initial tweet should have said, though, was “I just joined a gym, AGAIN!”

Since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure in 2008, I’ve had a couple of gym memberships which I took advantage of for a while then, for one reason or another, had to stop going.  Lack of money for the membership fees, major setbacks with my heart, and total burnout all led to dropped memberships.

Over the last year, I’ve been able to increase my level of activity significantly and turned to nature hiking and walking for my exercise.  Now that the weather is turning cold, though, doing those activities outdoors is becoming less desirable.  So, what to do about that?

Enter Planet Fitness.

I first learned of them from my mother.  She and her significant other, who is an insulin dependent type 2, had joined the club near Louisville.  They really liked the place, and during the trip to Louisville last month to get my license replaced I had a chance to visit the gym with them.  After a great workout and giving the hydro-massage tables a try, I was sold on the idea of joining the club that was soon to open on the southwest side of Fort Wayne.  Despite the fact that the location was clear on the other side of town from where I live.

I joined on October 19th to take advantage of the start-up special they’re running.  $1 to start is a pretty good deal if you ask me, and the annual and monthly fees are quite reasonable, too.  The best perks being they are open 24/7, and the membership is reciprocal, meaning I can use any PF location across the country.

I’ve been to the gym 6 times since I joined on the 19th, averaging at least twice a week, and at least 2 hours per visit.  Almost all after working until 3:00 a.m.

That may sound crazy to some, and I’ll admit that it is, but I’ve found that it really helps after sitting in front of a computer at work for 9 hours. It helps with circulation, which is important given my heart issues, and it’s beginning to make a difference in the numbers I’m seeing on both my meter and scale.

Just as important, though, is the impact that the working out is having on me mentally.  By the time I’m finished at the gym, my mind is at ease and the stress of the day is gone.  And, AND, I’m actually sleeping.  That is Huge!

I don’t know where this whole gym adventure is going to take me, but I’m liking the journey so far.  I know it’s just starting and I’ve got a whole year ahead of me, but I think I just might be able to stick it out.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  The first step has been taken, now I just have to keep walking.

And, with each step, tell myself: You Can Do This!

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  • kerri

    Mike, this may just be among my favourite posts of yours that I’ve read. :] I am SO, so proud that you chose to take that step . . . and even happier that you are enjoying it and feeling the benefits already! :] I know it isn’t always easy, but . . . it is always worth it.

    Props, my friend. You are awesome. :]

  • mom

    If any one can do it Mike you get my vote!!! You have more. Ambition and determination than anyone I know.keep up the good work honey …:-)

  • Kate

    This is such an awesome post! How exciting to begin something that is so good for you. I know what you mean about feeling better mentally after exercising. I am so pleased for you Mike. It’s hard to take that first step and you have done that. Yay For The Win!!!

  • Sara

    Awesome job! It sounds like you have an awesome plan going!

    The one time I was consistent with the gym was when I packed my gym clothes in my work bag and changed before I headed home. It took away one more excuse of why I couldn’t go. I was already dressed, I was already ready. If I went home, the moment my butt hit the couch it never left.