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The Day We Met

It’s day 25 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and the prompt is: Third person post.

Write about a memory you have but describe it using the third person. Use as many sensory images (sights, sounds, textures, etc) as you can. Don’t use “I” or “me” unless you include dialogue.

They met on “move-in day” their first year of college.   One of the deans held an annual cookout at his home to kickoff each school year and they both attended.

April attended the cookout with her father and Mike was with his roommates, the only people he knew at the time.   And, somehow, they all ended up sitting in the same area at the cookout.

The usual where are you from and what will you be studying kinds of questions were exchanged.  She was originally from Jackson, Tennessee but had lived in Fort Wayne for many years and was to study mechanical engineering.  He was from Louisville, Kentucky and would study computer information systems.

Both of them were drawn by the fact that they were both southerners of sorts, had some of the same interests, and liked the same music.  April’s dad had been a DJ at a southern gospel radio station years earlier so, naturally, April knew a lot of the artists that Mike mentioned that he liked.  All three thought that was pretty cool.

After a few hours of chatting  during the cookout, each walked away intrigued by the other.  He saw April as someone he’d like to get to know better.  April was certain there was an interesting story behind the sullen and withdrawn fellow she saw that day.

Over the next couple of months, they got to know each other better. And eventually decided to start dating.

And the rest, as they say, is history.  Nearly 10 years worth.  🙂

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