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A Recipe for a Mascot

 It’s day 24 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and the prompt is: Health Mascot.

The challenge for today was to come up with a mascot for ourselves, our medical issues, our health focus, whatever.  And provide a visual if possible.  Here’s my attempt a Mascot Recipe.

Ingredients:  1 goofy pancreas, 1 big soft heart, a sense of humor, a pinch of sarcasm, and the fighting spirit of one ninja.


Take one goofy pancreas and combine with a big, soft heart in a poorly functioning body.

Put that mixture through the fires of hell.  Stir in the fighting spirit of one ninja to help the body rise to the challenge it’s facing.

Remove from fires of hell and let rest.  Cover with sense of humor to ease the pain.

And  walla, you’ve got some thing that could adequately represent me.

Oh, and don’t forget to top the whole thing with a pinch of sarcasm.  🙂

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