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A Pretty Cool Day

Post for day 14 of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and the prompt is: My Dream Day.

This prompt asks us to describe an ideal day, including details of how we’d spend our time, who we’d spend it with, and how we’d make it happen.

To me, a pretty cool day would start with April and I being able to spend time together away from home. Then I would add in meeting up with old friends from the DOC and traveling to Chicago together to meet up with new friends from the DOC.  And then we would all spend the day at a Diabetes EXPO, sharing the story of how social media (Twitter) brought us all together in one place.  That would make for a pretty cool day, don’t you think?

And how would I make that happen?  Well, I’d probably try to find out if the local ADA chapter was planning a trip to Chicago for the expo and, if so, I’d make arrangements to go with them.  Some of my friends would do the same.  The on the day of the trip, April & I would drive 2 hours from Fort Wayne to meetup with friends in Indianapolis and take the 4 hour bus ride to Chicago.  We’d take the trip, have our meetups, enjoy the expo, and then return home.  We’d all be exhausted from the day, but it would be worth it.

And, it was worth it.  That pretty cool day happened Saturday.   Here’s a photo to prove it.

L-R: April, Mike Hoskins, Marie, Me, and Jeff

More on the Diabetes Expo in the coming days.  Stay tuned.

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