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Learning to Fly Again

This is day five of the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge and Today’s Prompt is: Ekphrasis Post.

Today’s challenge was to visit flickr.com/explore and write about the image that appeared and any thoughts and feelings it stirs.  And also to relate the image back to the health issues with which I live.  The first image I saw when visiting the site was this one.  Little Swallow by kypt@nuy

When I look the tiny sparrow perched upon the aged hand, I can’t help but think it must have fallen out of a tree and injured its wing.  Perhaps it was learning to fly. Preparing to take on the world that awaited outside of the nest.  The aged hand is that of a caring old soul who happened upon the injured creature and took it in to mend its wing.

Perhaps this was the day the bandages were removed and the little sparrow made his first attempt at flying again.  Maybe he didn’t succeed on this day.  Maybe he needed a little more nurturing and encouragement from the caregiver.

After many days and many attempts, he spread his wings and took flight from the aged hand.  And while the moment was bittersweet for the caregiver, it was a joyous occasion.  The efforts to help the little sparrow paid off.  Seeing the tiny bird return to the sky was worth it all.

In many ways, I feel just like that sparrow.

My diagnosis with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure came at a point in my life when I was spreading my wings and trying to fly.  My career was taking off, I was starting to save some money for the future, and was life was going fairly well.  Then the winds of misfortune came along and sent me crashing to the ground, causing serious injury to my wings.

The aged hands of many caregivers helped in treating my health issues and getting me back on my feet.  And the encouragement of so many other caring souls helped me keep trying when I felt that I wanted to give up.  If I was strong and patient enough, I’d again be able to fly.

And like that little sparrow, I’m now flying high.

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  • kerri

    As soon as I saw this the first thing that came to me solidified as I continued reading.

    You might have read my prof Jay’s guest post on my site about his T1 diagnosis in August, and he made a LOT of the same points [tweet me and I’ll link you if you haven’t read it]. I think he’s in his early 30s, so you’re roughly the same age too. He was coming home from 9 years of school in the US, had two jobs lined up in Canada, and knew something wasn’t right, then *bam* he was diagnosed with diabetes. But he used similar metaphors that even though he felt he’d been cut off from flight, he’d learn to fly again.

    AND, I am so glad for you, in spite of this all, that you are thriving and soaring! :]