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It helps someone

Today's Prompt: I write about my health because...

Writing has been a part of my life with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure since I was diagnosed in late December 2008.  At first it was basically used as a mind dump.  A way to get all of the thoughts and feelings out of my head.  And it was a way to document what was happening and help me keep track of doctor visits, tests, etc…

As I waded deeper into the world of the diabetes online community and saw how other blogs were having a positive impact on readers, my writing became more about sharing my experience with others.  I hoped that someone reading might take some small nugget from my ramblings and that it would help them keep fighting their own battles in some way.  And, to my amazement, it has.

Sharing my story through my writing on this blog and in other places over the last 3 years has given me so many wonderful opportunities to connect with some truly amazing people.  People from all walks of life and from all around the world.  People with whom I share one common problem. We all live with a type of diabetes.  And some share another common problem with me.  Heart disease.

Three years into my journey, I’m still writing.  Writing about my successes and my set backs.  Trying to make sense of it all.  And even if I never understand all of this mess, I’ll have at least taken the time to think through it.  Writing helps with that.

And, if only one person is helped by my writing, it’s still worth the effort.  Even if that one person is me.

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  • kerri

    Mike, I love this. And I know already you have reached out and touched the lives of so many other people and have fulfilled your mission . . . and are now amplifying it by taking an active role in the D-OC! That said, impacting your own life and your own world is the main point of this blog . . . because that was the initial motivation behind it that allowed this all to come to where it is now. Live the story, tell the story, and own the journey, because your awesomeness SHINES!

  • Kelly Booth

    Thank you for sharing your story Mike. You have helped more than yourself by writing. You have helped me and I really appreciate your writing. Even if we have only met in cyberspace, I am glad that I have met you!