Today's Prompt: Superpower Day

Don’t you wish there was more time? More time in the day to finish those never ending chores. More time to cut away at that mountain of college coursework. Hi Ashley! Hi Kerri!

How about more time to sleep? Lord knows I could use some of that.

What about a little more time to spend with friends and loved ones? I know I never want those special moments to end. I know we all want those D-meetups to last forever as well. Yet they come and go so quickly.

And don’t you just hate that the weekend and other days off from work are over as soon as they’ve started?  Yeah, I do too.

So, my superpower would be the ability to control time.  The ability to slow it down occasionally.  Add a little extra time to the day here and there.

Then maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to enjoy those special moments as they are happening.  Instead of being left wondering what the hell just happened.