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A Summit City D-Meetup

While en route home from Detroit today, my good friend Mike Hoskins and his pooch Riley “The D Dog” made a stop here in Fort Wayne for a D-Meetup.  Our meetups usually take place when I’m traveling through the Indianapolis area en route to Louisville or back to Fort Wayne, so it was nice to actually meet on my turf for a change.

A local Panera Bread was the rendezvous point for the afternoon’s shenanigans.  Stories were told.  Laughs were shared.  And encouragement and support were offered as always.  And a good time was had by all.

Of course, no D-Meetup is complete without cupcakes.  I sent Mike home with a box of them to share with his wife, Suzi.  Hopefully, they made the journey uneaten. 😉

It was great hanging out with you as always, Mike.  Hope the trip home was safe and uneventful, and that the cupcakes were delicious.  Thanks for stopping by.

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