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Possible Next Steps

So, yesterday’s visit with with my primary care doctor was quite revealing.  Given the fact that she called me directly and said we needed to discuss a letter she received from my cardiologist, I knew it would be an interesting visit going in.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the results from a recent round of testing performed by the cardiologist indicated that the strength of my heart has deteriorated again, and my ejection fraction is back down to 35%.  I knew that going into the appointment yesterday.  And I knew that the cardiologist had ordered a more intensive test to confirm that result.  What I didn’t know was what he was planning to do if the results were confirmed.

His plan, should the test I’m having next week confirm the ejection fraction is indeed less than 36%, is to arrange for a defibrillator type device that would, hopefully, protect me from sudden cardiac death.  In the event that I should go into cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation, the device would shock my heart and restore a normal rhythm. Which in turn should give me a fighting chance to get to the hospital.

Now, that could mean a couple of different things.  Worst case: I have to undergo surgery to implant a defibrillator.  An operation that, while routine, is fraught with the potential for disaster.  Best case: I have to be fitted with a wearable external defibrillator, involving no surgery, etc.  If I must have something like that, I’d much prefer the non-invasive option.

At this point, either option is on the table.  And what happens next will be determined after the test next Friday.  And while I truly hope the results are better, and that the results of the last test were just wrong, the pain in my chest is telling me otherwise.

My primary doctor and I both agreed that obtaining a second opinion from an independent cardiologist was a good idea, so between now and next Friday, I’ll be meeting with a new doctor to have them review my case.  Again, I’m trying to be optimistic that fresh thinking on this will result in something good, but as I said, I’m struggling with that.

Until then, it’s a wait and see what happens game.  And I’m not good with these games.  I can’t begin to describe what all of this is doing to me mentally.

But there was one bit of good news that came of that office visit.  My A1C was 7.0, down from 7.4 in September.  And given everything that I’m dealing with right now, that’s a damn respectable number.

And at a time when things are quite dark and miserable, it’s nice to see that something I’m doing is still working.

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  • Jeff

    Wow Mike! Congrats on your A1C progress 🙂

    You’ve certainly got my best wishes for your cardio testing next week…

  • Kate

    Oh Mike! I know what you’re going through, if only as an observer. My husband had a difibrillator installed last spring. You two practically have matching ejection fractions! He was very reluctant to have the surgery and honestly, I think he did it for me. It is nice to know that he has a little EMT with him at all times. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk with someone who knows something about this sh…tuff. Hang in there and congrats on the A1c results!!

  • Stacey D.

    I’m sorry that you’re having a rough time right now Mike. I pray that things will look better for you in the near future. But on a good note great job on the a1c! I’m so glad you got that good news despite the other.

  • Cherise


    My thoughts and prayers are with you! The good thing about it all is that you have options. I know you and your care team will work together to find what the best option is for you.

    Congrat’s on your A1C!!

  • Colleen

    This may not work. I can’t figure out the “captcha.”
    I wish you only the best and like Cherise, will add you to my prayers.
    I hope the further testing shows better results.

  • Carol Dixon

    Good job on the A1c – it can be a struggle under the best circumstances. I have friends with defibrillators if you want to talk with them, I am sure they would be happy to talk with you. Take care. Many prayers for you.

  • PrincessLadyBug

    I’m proud of you honey! Not just for your great A1C (which if fab!) but for keeping positive & being proactive. You are in my daily thoughts & prayers. And I’m sending you an obscene amount of love & happy thoughts (but only in a really good way). Keep us posted.

    Love you! Mean it!

  • kerri

    Props on the A1C, bro!

    And for the rest . . . big hugs. As hard as it is, now at least there is a plan for what is coming next, even if that option still totally sucks, there is a plan. I’m so happy, too, that you are attempting to remain optimistic in the midst of all this.

    Love vibes comin’ your way <3

  • alexis

    Major props on the A1C! So proud of you!

    As far as the other stuff….I wish I had adequate words, I can’t imagine how you feel. But I know you’re not alone. We are all praying for you. Love you much friend.

  • k2

    CONGRATS on the a1c! And re: the defibrillator, they = AMAZING and gave our family 20 extra years with my mom. I know several people who wear them and are doing GREAT.
    Lots of hugs, positive vibes & prayers to you my friend!

  • Toni Miller

    Hello Mike,

    First, your A1c result is awesome, and Congrats for that! For the rest of what is going on, my prayers is what I’m sending to you, via the world wide web. LOL! And whatever decisions that you make going forward, will truly be the best ones as long as your HEART is in it! Trust it! Here’s to praying that all is well, and that the first set of tests were WRONG! Smile!
    Much Love!