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Resolved to Give ‘Em Hell

Well, today is January 1, 2012.  Happy New Year to everyone reading this right now.

Much like millions of other people in the world, this is a time when I think about resolutions for the New Year.  Things that I want to work toward by the time the year ends.  Some years, my list is long, and others, not so much.  And some years I accomplish them, and some years I don’t.  This year, I have only one resolution.  And it’s one that I’m guaranteed to be able keep each and every day of 2012.

This year, I have resolved to Give ‘Em Hell.  To give diabetes and congestive heart failure just as much hell as they give me.

I’ll be giving them the finger
each and every day.
Sticking it to both of them,
to survive another day.

My tactics will soon be changing,
because I’ve lost a little ground.
But I’ll keep doing what I must to
turn this back around.

The battle will be difficult,
and I’m sure I’ll shout and swear.
Consider this your warning,
don’t say you weren’t aware.

It is my fondest wish that
the battle will go well.
Just call me Harry cause
I’m gonna Give ‘Em Hell!

So there you have it.  My resolution for the new year.  Short, bittersweet, and to the point.   And since this post has taken the shape of a wine glass, here’s to a healthy and Happy New Year to everyone!  Cheers!

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  • Mike Hoskins

    Looking forward to you giving them hell, my friend. And if you need a little hell-raising from this end, say the word. I’ll be happy to help out. Happy New Year, Mike.

  • Missy Sams

    You give them hell! Just as much as and maybe more than they give you my friend. Happy New Year, Mike. Oh, and if you need a listening ear to vent to I’m here. I got your back.