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2011 Health Activist Awards Nominations

This year, WEGO Health is hosting their first annual Health Activist Awards.  And, among the boatload of nominations they’ve received across the ten voting categories were two nominations for yours truly.  Super cool stuff!  The details for each nomination are below.

The first nomination

Award: Best in Show (
Platform: Twitter
Reason: Mike brings a fresh perspective to living with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure — as a young person dealing with both conditions, he has the ability to reach a different audience and make the topics relatable and modifying how people perceive T2 diabetes and CHF.  He’s a prominent voice in the diabetes community on Twitter, but his story continues through his blog and offline.

The second nomination

Award: Best Kept Secret Award (
Reason: Mike is always advocating for Type 2 diabetes which is very much underrepresented in the Diabetes Online Community. He’s even been on the cover of USA Today advocating for the cause and dispelling diabetes myths. Mike was also diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure a few days after his T2 diagnosis. He’s truly a fighter for his own health and the health and support of countless others. He has made amazing strides in his own health and is a vital part of the D-OC. There’s not one person who can read his story and talk to him without feeling inspired.
I am both honored and thrilled to be included in the nominations received.  Thank you so much to the kind folks who nominated me, and best of luck to all of the nominees.

Living with a Confusing Pancreas and a Broken Heart at age 36 #Diabetes #LADA #CongestiveHeartFailure. #MakeDiabetesVisible Creator, #ALittleHeartCanDoBigThings Creator, Advocate, Blogger, Nature Photographer.

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