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Happy T1 Day, My Friends!

Today to a special day for so many of my friends in the Diabetes Online Community, as 11-1-11, the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month, has been designated as T1 Day.  It is a day devoted to raising awareness for those living with Type 1 Diabetes.  It’s about raising awareness to the difficulties type 1’s deal with each and every day, dispelling the myths and misinformation spread through the media and other sources.  It a day for supporting those living with Type 1 Diabetes.

And that’s what I do.  I love and support all of my friends who live this disease.  And I support their day,  T1 Day.

Happy T1 Day from Little G and Friends!

To learn more about T1 Day, visit the JDRF’s website .  And while you’re there, take some time to educate yourself.  The JDRF has a whole section of it’s website devoted to Life with Type 1 Diabetes

And, if you really want to know what life with Type 1 Diabetes is like, take some time and check out the numerous Type 1 blogs listed on my blogroll.  They are written by real people, living the realities of the disease, and they all tell it like it is.  No sugar coating.

Happy T1 Day, My Friends!  Lots of Love!

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  • Mike Hoskins

    Great post, Mike! And how awesome to see our old friend Little G there, waving his new Blue finger! Thanks for supporting the T1 part of the community, my friend.

    • Mike

      Thanks Mike. And you’re quite welcome. I support everyone no matter the type. I know the types are different, but we are people first. And people need love and support. We all need commUNITY!

      And yes, it’s been a while since Little G has made a public appearance. When he found out about the “Give Diabetes the Finger” campaign, he insisted on being part of it. Can’t imagine why. Crazy little ninja thought the finger was a hat. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Howdy Mike & Mike! Haha, I wondered who Little G was (the 1 w/ the blue T1D finger hat) 😀

    Thanks for the post & for making the important point that we all are people first (regardless of D-Type)! Too true for words…