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A DOC Logo – Diabetes Art Day

So today is the second annual Diabetes Art Day, and I’m so excited to be contributing again this year.  I decided to stick with the community theme that I started with the last year’s Diabetes Family Tree, and having been inspired by a question during DSMA last night, I present you with what I believe a Diabetes Online Community Logo should look like.

In addition to this being my submission for Diabetes Art Day, I have set up a section on my CafePress shop with merchandise bearing the logo.  And all of the proceeds from selling the merchandise will be donated to help Dustin Iris and his family.  So, not only will you be able to wear your DOC pride on your sleeve, you’ll be helping a community member in need.

Feel free to leave some comment love and tell me what you think of the logo.

Happy Diabetes Art Day!

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