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Taking the Plunge

After publishing the post, Excited for Nothing, on May 16th, I put in a call to my doctor’s office about the medication issues that I had been experiencing. I explained to the nurse that while the stomach issues I had been dealing with while on Janumet had subsided, the Glipizide was doing nothing to help lower my blood glucose levels.  They had, in fact, shot up.  Something needed to be done about it, and fast.

I told the nurse that I had previously mentioned to the doctor that I would be willing to give injectable medications a try, but that the doctor hadn’t wanted to put me through that if it wasn’t necessary.  I basically told her to tell the doctor that I really didn’t give a shit about having to deal with injections, and that I would try anything if it would help me.

My doctor apparently got the message and took me at my word; I received a call back later that afternoon saying the doctor was putting me on Byetta.  Now, I had already done my research on Byetta because it was one of the medications I mentioned to the doctor previously, and was dumbfounded when the nurse said the words “It’s Insulin”.  I knew it wasn’t, and couldn’t stop myself from telling her otherwise.  Anyone who knows me already knows how well that went over, so there’s no need to go into a rant about a rant. 🙂

So yeah, I’m now taking two (2) 5 mcg injections of Byetta every day and, so far, it really hasn’t been that big of a deal.  The most common side effect I’ve heard about is nausea, but I really haven’t experienced much of that.  I have noticed that I’m experiencing a bit more heart burn than usual.  Acid Stomach is listed as a side effect of Byetta, but considering that I deal with Acid Reflux anyway, it’s really hard to tell whether it’s an old gripe or a new pain in the ass.  I guess time will tell.

The biggest benefit so far is that I’m starting to see an improvement in my glucose readings.  Hopefully, that trend will continue.  🙂

And I must say that I’ve taken to the whole injection thing rather well.  For all my preaching,  “I’ll try anything”, I was admittedly a bit nervous about the whole thing.  But much like the timidness that I felt when I first started poking my fingers to test my blood sugar, the nervousness over the injections has quickly subsided.  It’s amazing what you can get used to doing when you have to do it to survive.

I know I’ve said this before, as have many others in the diabetes online community, but it bears repeating again.

There is an enormous stigma, particularly among people with type 2 diabetes, that having to switch to injectable medications, whether it be insulin, Byetta, Victoza, etc…, means that they are a failure in terms of diabetes management.  And many people resist the move to such treatment options because of that.

Simply put, that stigma is bullshit and it’s bad for you.

Each person’s diabetes is different and, not surprisingly, what may work for one person in terms of treatment may not work for someone else.   Each person living with this disease has to do what is best for them.  If using insulin, Byetta, or some other injectable is what’s best, then so be it.  No one should be made to feel bad about doing what is best for their own well being.

Each and every day that we survive this disease is a win. And with an opponent like diabetes, you’ve got to win by any means necessary!

Speaking of which, it’s time to shoot up again.  Ciao!

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  • PrincessLadyBug

    Awesome post as always, friend! I’m glad you’re seeing some good results and I’m glad you set that nurse straight. I would have done the same. They need to know their shit before they start telling you want to do. Your life depends on it. So you just keep ranting when need be. 🙂

  • Lexi

    Wonderful news that your bgs are doing better. Good for you writing this, Im sure youve helped so many by doing so.

    Ive never heard of non insulin injectables. So interesting!

  • Jeff

    Glad to here of your improved BG results, Mike 🙂

    Curious, do you use a regular syringe for Byetta, or is it a pen-like injection device?

    I remember reading about Byetta a good while ago out of curiosity. Here’s to our groovy Gila Monster Friend. Yay!

    • Mike

      Thanks, Jeff! Byetta comes in a pen-like device, and there are two different dosages available; 5 mcg and 10 mcg. And yes, hurray for lizard spit. 🙂

  • Dr. P

    Welcome to the Byetta Club Mike,

    I was diagnosed Type 2 in Feb and I’ve been on Byetta since my release from the hospital. (I had a terrible experience that lead to the discovery of Diabetes). Anyway, you’ll see the weight start falling off very soon.

    I started Byetta at 225lbs near the end of February and I’m now 198lbs. I feel like it’s coming off faster than I can tone it up (so beware).

    I’m SO happy that you don’t have the nausea, because I do and it’s a drag. The first time I took it (had no clue about the side effects so I wasn’t expecting any), I felt like vomiting IN MY BREAKFAST. I can’t remember what I was eating that morning, but I remember it being delicious and I upset by the thought of ruining it. But, it was just a feeling-which has gotten less and less over the weeks.

    I was suppose to move up to 10mg last month, but I had serve nausea after one dosage of 10mg and told my doctor that I was fine with 5mg.

    Since I’m new to the whole PWD thing, my blog is rather new, but I did write an entry about Byetta and the shot. You might enjoy it, if you hadn’t read it already. It’s entitled “Give Myself a Shot-You Must be Tripping” http://www.AnAfricanAmericanDiabetic.blogspot.com

  • Sarah

    Good for you, Mike!
    I had a nurse piss me off the other day because she had me listed as a type 2 (that’s not what made me mad) and when I tried to correct her, she asked me if I was on insulin or just pills. Like that’s what differentiated the two! You would think that with so many T2’s going to injectables – insulin or not – that they would remove that stigma, but apparently not.
    My boss was on Byetta for a little while. He seemed to do well on it – some nausea, but not terrible he claims. Good luck to you!!! 🙂