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An Angry Letter to D Pig – DBW Day 2

Day two of Diabetes Blog Week is all about letter writing; letters about diabetes to be more specific.  The letters can be addressed to people, companies, etc…, real or imaginary.  With that in mind, I decided to take the approach of having some fictional characters write a letter to diabetes.  Enjoy!

Recently, last night in fact, I returned home from work to discover that a secret meetup of epic proportions was taking place under my own roof.  Little G, that stealthy diabetes ninja warrior, and his high flying superhero friends, the Angry BirDies, had gathered to plot the demise of their evil green nemesis, D Pig!

At the conclusion of the secret conclave, the fuzzy little bad asses issued a warning letter for their enemy. They granted permission for the letter to be published in its entirety.


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