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Reverse the Bullshit!

Daily life in the Helter Skelter world in which we live comes with an abundant supply of bullshit. That’s a fact on which I think everyone I know would certainly agree.  And when you live with any type of diabetes, the amount of bullshit in your daily life multiplies exponentially.

Life with Diabetes is hard.  It doesn’t matter whether you have Type 1, Type 1.5/LADA, or  Type 2, each comes with its own bundle of  bullshit to be dealt with each and every day.  Why? Because there is NOT A CURE available for any type of Diabetes.

As if each person with diabetes doesn’t have enough to contend with every day, we also have to contend with the massive amount of misinformation that is constantly being spread about diabetes.  It’s on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, and all over the internet.  The BULLSHIT is EVERYWHERE!!!

I can’t even go through the checkout at Walmart, or any other store for that matter, without being bombarded with bullshit about “Reversing Diabetes” or some miracle cinnamon diet that will instantly relieve me of my suffering.

And while I’m thinking about it, can someone please explain how the fuck eating chocolate cake is going to help improve my insulin sensitivity in 7 days?   Seriously!!! I want to know!! How is that going to help me?!?

Over the last two years, I’ve become quite used to seeing that sort of stuff from Prevention and other vanity magazines  in the stores.  And each time I see the words “reverse diabetes”  my blood boils because I know there is no way to reverse or cure diabetes.  It’s bullshit, and it’s bad for you!

That, however, is not the kind of thing I expect to find in a well respected publication like Reader’s Digest.

Last night, my friend Kim Vlasnik, who blogs at http://www.textingmypancreas.com/, informed the rest of us in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) that Reader’s Digest is planning to release a similar publication in May.  In fact, it was advertised in the latest issue of the mag.

We in the DOC take serious offense to this type of recklessness, and Kim and several others have let Reader’s Digest know it.  They’ve written blog posts, sent emails, and my friend Kelly Kunik made phone calls expressing disappointment over this egregious mistake.

I encourage everyone reading this to contact Reader’s Digest and let them know that their good intentions are not in the best interest of anyone.  This kind of Bullshit is harmful to all of us living with Diabetes.

Emails can be sent to: letters@readersdigest.com  and snail mail can be sent to:
React, Reader’s Digest, PO Box 6100, Harlan, Iowa  51593-1600.  Be sure to include your name, address, email, and phone number.

And if you’ve seen similar publications in stores in your area, take a moment to track down contact information and give them an earful.  They are just as guilty in all this, because they are distributing the bullshit.

It is so important that we continue to stand up to such ignorance and stupidity.  If we don’t, ignorance and stupidity will think it’s OK.

If Reader’s Digest and other publications really want to help people with diabetes, they should scrap the rubbish they are producing, and start producing quality materials that dispel myths about all types of diabetes; that help educate the general public.

And I have a great title for the publication.  Reverse the BULLSHIT!

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  • Kim

    I love the line “let them know that their good intentions are not in the best interest of anyone.”

    So well said, Mike.

  • Cara

    Diabetes is hard work, no matter the type. I’m glad you wrote this post. And I’m so glad to see our sometimes divided community come together to fight the ignorance. Great post Mike.

  • k2

    WTG Mike!
    Diabetes is a 24X7 job with no time off for good behavior!
    Crap like that not only makes our lives more difficult, they perpetuate the diabetes myths & stereotypes, and can physically harm others in the process!
    Kelly k

  • Jess

    um, so, yeah, you pretty much rock!!! way to call out the crap, mike! this IS reckless behavior on behalf of the magazines. i really hope they take note!

  • MartYn

    I think this is definitely an acceptable ‘F’ bomb post.
    My guess is they won’t publish anything to correct the error of their ways. I love the quote on one of those magazines:
    “Are your meals affecting your blood sugar” Well durrrrrr!!!!! How about we eat that chocolate cake and see if that has any affect *rolls eyes*
    I definitely agree on the magazine helping dispel myths etc. Better not hold my breath for when that gets released though.

    • Mike

      Me too, Ashley. Considering the initial draft had way more. I did use the word bullshit 10 times though. 🙂

  • PrincessLadyBug

    I absolutely LOVE that you don’t censor yourself. Frankly I think that when talking about reversing diabetes, one cannot say bullshit often enough. 😀

    Well done, my friend! Every day I am more & more impressed by the DOC. You people seriously ROCK!

  • Tina

    OMG Mike this post is awesome!!! No matter the differences in our types, we all have a disease that as of now, has no cure. I make a mean chocolate cake that no one I know has ever had to bolus for. Even so, it will not cure anything but your chocolate cravings. I know!! I should add cinnamon?!?