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Ready to Spread My New Wings

After I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the end of December 2008, I spent a good deal of time researching the condition, treatment options, and the various limitations that the condition would place on my activities.  One such limitation that I came across was air travel.

I read countless articles, studies, etc… that indicated that patients with CHF should, in general, avoid air travel because of potential problems and the additional stresses the body endures during high altitude flights.  And those who did travel by air, needed to meet certain parameters, like being able to walk certain distances and climb stairs without getting winded, and have doctor approval, etc… before doing so.

At the time, my heart was in pretty poor shape; it was only pumping at around 30% of its capacity, and was very weak.  And I couldn’t walk or climb many stairs without becoming tired and short of breath.  And so, with the knowledge of my condition and the research I had done, I just let the thought of traveling anywhere by air leave my mind.  It just wasn’t safe for me to attempt, so I left it at something that I just wouldn’t be able to do.

Now, two years later, things have changed for the better.  My heart is pumping at 50% now, which is what the doctor considers a normal level.  I’m feeling stronger and have more energy than I had in the past.  Since things are better now, it made me wonder whether air travel would be something I could do now.

So, when I went to see my cardiologist on Jan. 10th, I discussed the topic of air travel with him.  And much to my delight, the doctor told me that he had no reservations about me flying at all.

And you know what that means right?  Another hurdle to attending diabetes conferences and d-meetups around the country has been cleared.

More importantly, though, it means part of me is on the mend, and that I’m a step closer to enjoying the opportunities life presents me to the fullest.  And that’s pretty awesome!

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