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The A1C Waiting Game

Well, it’s almost time for another round of routine doctor visits.  I see both my PCP and my cardiologist next week and, as usual, preparations for those appointments include a visit to the lab for blood work.  I made that visit this morning.

Approximately 20 minutes of my times, one sharp needle, and a few vials of blood later, and the waiting game begins.

You know what I’m talking about.  The little, not-so-fun game we play while waiting for the doctor visit to get the test results.  The game where we sit around and dread what the results will be; where we kick ourselves for the bad numbers we’ve had. And where we fear the admonishment that may come from doctor.

I’ve been playing that game for a while now, simply because I know that my numbers haven’t been very good lately and that my A1C is not going to be as good as it has been.  And, there’s a whole list of reasons why things have gotten out of hand.  Which is bad because some days I just feel like it’s a list of excuses, but it’s also good because I know what’s causing the problems, and it gives me a list of things to work on.

And I’m trying to be positive about it.  After all, one bad A1C in two years isn’t going to be the end of the world. And it’s just a number. And I am not my numbers.  I’m a person. And a great person at that.

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  • Tina

    Your post brought to mind Iron Maiden’s The Prisoner (am I dating myself?) You are not a number, you are a free man. A man who will fall now and then. It’s OK though because as long as you have the energy and motivation to get back up again you’ll be OK. I’m rooting for you! Go low number!!!

  • Sarah

    Well, I think most of us in the DOC have had higher A1c’s this go-round. The end of 2010 was stressful for lots of us, and we let D slide a bit. Don’t get yourself down. It’s a number that shows your past. We can’t change the past, just the future. So, if you feel like you are up for some d-ass kicking again, go to it and let it show in the next A1c.
    ((HUGS)) Mike! 🙂

  • Bob P

    Well, it’s great to have some things to work on. But, at the risk of being a wisenheimer, those things aren’t causing the problem: -diabetes- is causing the problem.

  • Cherise


    No matter what the number maybe you still are amazing and taking care of yourself. Life happens but as long as you pick yourself back up is all that matters in the end. You are more than just a number.