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World Diabetes Day Blog Posts

There are several World Diabetes Day related blog posts to check out today.  Here’s a list of the posts I’ve seen so far.

1) World Diabetes Day 2010 – “That’s My Type” – by George @ Ninjabetic – The B.A.D. Blog

2) Life Support – by Ashley @ Tales of SWAGing

3) World Diabetes Day 2010 – by Michael Hoskins @ The Diabetic’s Corner Booth

4) It’s World Diabetes Day – by Kelly Kunic @ Diabetesaliciousness

5) It’s our day baby!! – by Alexis @ Justice’s Misbehaving Pancreas

6) Thank You Dr. Frederick Banting – by Crystal @ Randomly capitalizeD

7) WDD and November as NDM – by Scott Strumello @ Scott’s Web Log

8 ) World Diabetes Day 2010 – by Kerri @ Six Until Me

9) You Made My Life Possible – by Sarah @ Sugabetic

10) Big Blue Test – in pictures – by Sara Knicks @ Diabetes Daily

11) World Diabetes Day Nov 14th 2010 – by Sysy Morales @ The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes

12) Sunday Seven – by Kim @ Texting My Pancreas

13) A World Diabetes Day Toast – by Sherry @ Jenna’s Pet Monkey

I’m sure there are other posts that aren’t on this list. Nothing personal, I just haven’t seen them.  If you’ve blogged about WDD and want to be included in the list, please let me know.

Good reading and Happy World Diabetes Day.


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