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The results are in

Well, this post is definitely more than a day late, but better late than never.  Here goes.

I went to the doctor  last Thursday to get the results of all the lab work that was done last month.   You know, the lab work that I had a hell of a time fasting for.   Anyway, the results of those tests were a mix of good and bad.

My A1C, which had been 6.0 the last couple of times it was check, was up to 6.4.  Not a bad number in the grand scheme of things, but certainly not the third 6.0 in a row that I was going for.  In reviewing blood glucose logs I gave her, the doctor noted the increasing number of highs  in my logs.  In light of those, and the A1C results, she concluded that the Metformin that I had been taking just wasn’t as effective as it had been.

And as if the Metformin not working anymore wasn’t enough, she also concluded that it was also the culprit behind all of the stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea that I’ve been dealing with for the last few months.  All side effects that I had been warned about when I started taking the medication a year ago, but that never appeared.  So, as a result, I’m no longer taking Metformin.  I’m now taking Januvia, and the jury has just started deliberating on whether this will work or not.  I’ll keep everyone posted.

The results of the microalbumin tests noted some abnormalities, too.  There was apparently quite a bit of protein in the urine sample they took,  which could mean any number of things.  Not the least of which being possible kidney problems.  More tests are being scheduled to determine the cause, but in the doctor went ahead and adjusted one of the medication I’m taking as a precaution.  I’ll keep everyone posted on this as well.

My blood pressure was on the high side as well, so that medication was adjusted, too.

Oh, and one other change made at this appointment came in the form of a prescription for Ambien.  I’ve been having a terrible time sleeping with the BiPAP machine I use for treating sleep apnea, and asked the doctor about something that might help me get some sleep and be able to use the machine at the same time.  So, we’re going to try the Ambien for a while, and hope to God it actually helps.

All for now.  Keep hanging in there.

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  • Bob P

    It’s frustrating to have things changing on you. I hope the change in d-med fixes the GI stuff. And I know it’s not worth much, cuz everybody’s different, but I found Ambien to be good stuff when I was on it for a while.

  • Brenda W

    Gosh, I hope that the ambien works for you! It must be awful not being able to sleep.Hang in there Mike, I know that stinky results from docs can sometimes get us down, but hopefully the changes in your meds will help and not harm! 🙂