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Little G’s a carpenter, too?

So I returned home from somewhere last Friday to find Little G putting together the small office organizer shelf that I ordered a while back. The shelf matches a corner desk that I bought, which too has yet to be put together.

Now, I’m not sure what led Little G to take on that project. Maybe he got bored while at home alone, or maybe he got tired of waiting for me to get off my ass and put it together myself. I’m leaning towards the latter of the two possibilities, but that’s just me. The fact is, I learned something new about my little ninja friend. Apparently, Little G is also a carpenter.

I was amazed at the speed at which he worked, and how handy he was with the power screwdriver.  I had to lend a hand here and there, because there were so many intricate pieces to the shelf, but Little G did all the hard work.  As you can see in the pictures, he did a pretty good job, too.  And there weren’t any left over pieces, so that’s always a good sign.

I’m kind of hoping Little G will also grow tired of waiting for me to put the desk together, and just do that himself, too. lol.  Probably won’t happen, but I can still dream about it.

He did at least offer to lend a hand with putting the desk together when I got around to it.  I thought that was pretty nice of him.

That’s what good friends do: they lend a hand!

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  • Michael Hoskins

    What a great little ninja! Well, heck, though… All that time he spent at our place and he didn’t do ANYTHING to help build or fix up things. Figures. Must have learned it on his way to Fort Wayne. Or maybe just decided to put his ninja skills to work on a new task. Way to go, Little G!