• Make Diabetes Visible: Day 11

    One of the reasons why I have a Dexcom is there are times when I don’t feel the symptoms of a high or low. Like this one. Didn’t feel a thing until I saw the number. Diabetes is weird like that. Diabetes has been a bastard today and left me feeling defeated.  Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it will be better.

  • Make Diabetes Visible: Day 10

    That feeling of relief when your Dexcom transmitters are finally on the way after a month of fighting with the supplier and insurance company. #MakeDiabetesVisible

  • Make Diabetes Visible: Day 8

    The numbers have been pretty consistent all day. And considering I spent the day being poked and prodded at the hospital, these are acceptable. Got to talk about diabetes awareness month with one of the lab techs at the hospital today after she asked about my shoe laces of all things. She thought they were bubbles. An Advocate’s work is never done. #LaceUp4Diabetes