• Make Diabetes Visible: Day 22

    Had to change Dexcom sensors before I left for Louisville this evening. Pushing that plunger down is still the hardest part after months of wearing these things.

  • Make Diabetes Visible: Day 21

    The day starts in the kitchen with breakfast.  I have to open the silverware drawer to get utensils for eating.  But before I can eat, I need to check my fasting blood sugar, take a shot of Humalog to cover the meal I’m preparing, and take a shot of Victoza.  I also need to take all of my oral meds for my heart and other issues.  So, having all of that stuff right there in a place where I’ll see it at the start of each day serves as a reminder and helps me start the day off right.  And since I usually have a small meal before bed, I also keep my Lantus pen there as well, so I…

  • Make Diabetes Visible: Day 19

    Living with diabetes means having to think ahead for every thing. Being prepared. Keeping extra supplies in the places you spend the most time. Like work. I always have extra pen needles, test strips, and glucose tabs in my desk just in case I need them.