Had an appointment with my PCP this morning. It went fairly well; talked about the results of my last A1C test, which were awesome, and my CHF, etc… I’ve been having more trouble with my blood pressure the last few weeks. Some of the chest pain and breathing problems have returned, so they bumped up the dosage on my BP medicine. They also added an allergy medicine to help with some other problems I’ve been having. So, I’m up to 8 prescriptions now, plus an aspirin.

I had fairly nice vacation week before last. Went to Louisville, KY to see the family, and was able to celebrate my 25th birthday with everyone at my grandmother’s house. My aunt brought her Nintendo Wii over to the party, and everyone from my sister up to my grandmother got involved with playing one game or another. We bowled, golfed, and had a really good time. It did me a lot of good to have all of my family together in one place, without any drama, and having a good time together. I had such a good time playing the Wii golf and bowling, that I ordered one of my own. Got it this past Thursday. The only real down point in the trip was when I picked up a screw in my tire before coming home on Sunday. Thankfully, it happened before I got on the highway, and I was able to get it fixed.

Have a great week, everyone.

Until next time….. Keep Fighting it, and Rock on!

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I finally beat the cardiologist into submission, and got some straight answers and details about what’s wrong with my heart. The heart test results indicated that my heart is still pretty weak, with functionality still around 35%, and that my Left Anterior Descending artery is blocked 30%. To put that into context, they start doing stints and angioplasty at 70%. So, it’s not as bad as it could be, but still not very good either. I’ve been put on Plavix and Zocor to help fight this problem. I’m up to 8 different medications that I take every day. 7 of them are for my heart problems alone. The other is my diabetes med. I take a combo of 6 in the morning, and a combo of 5 at night. Crazy.

So, we are continuing to hope and pray that the medications will do the trick, and that we’ll be able to avoid any kind of surgery. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’m slowly coming to terms with the way things came about the last few weeks, with the mistakes and all. I mean, who wouldn’t be completely furious in my position? On a positive note, I now have the cardiologist’s personal cell phone number, and was told to call him any time I have questions or concerns. Anyway, enough about that.

Have a great weekend everyone. Rock on!

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Well, true to his word, the cardiologist called me early this morning with the results of the heart test. It turns out that I do have a blocked artery in my heart after all. He said it was minor, what ever that means, and is going to put me on another medication to see if we can fix the problem that way. I’m going to be following up with him on Monday to get a little more detail on which artery it is, and exactly how bad it is.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support.
Rock on!