• Make Diabetes Visible: Day 14

    Today is World Diabetes Day.  Today we honor Dr. Frederick G. Banting, who was born November 14, 1891, and who is best known for having co-discovered insulin.   Happy 126th Birthday, Dr. B.

  • 30 things about my Invisible Illnesses – Revisited

    So, today is World Diabetes Day, and in honor of that fact I thought I’d take the time to revisit the 30 things about my invisible illness meme that I’ve shared in the past.  It’s been a couple of years since I last updated that and there have been some changes in my routine and way of thinking.  So, it’s time for an update.  Here we go! The illnesses I live with are: Type 2 Diabetes & Congestive Heart Failure I was diagnosed with them in the year: 2008 But I had symptoms since:   Longer than I really care to admit.  Looking back, I probably had the symptoms of type 2 diabetes for at least a few years before…

  • Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Blue Fridays

    On Monday night, the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation launched an online store with a line of t-shirts for the Blue Fridays initiative. I ordered mine that night and got it this afternoon. To order a shirt of your own, visit http://dcaf.spreadshirt.com .