• F-bombs for Diabetes

    Fuck Diabetes!  Yeah, I said it.  Someone needs to.  And after riding the Glucoaster all night following my 9 hours at work, I’m more than willing to do the job.  I feel like hell.  I’m incredibly tired.  I’m cranky. And I hate this disease.  F**k it and all of the misery that goes with it. And as for the “person with diabetes” versus “diabetic” labels thing… I don’t tend to get worked up over those. I respect that some folks do and I understand why.  Frankly, though, I much prefer Mike. Click for the Language and Diabetes  Link List. There is an old saying that states “Sticks and stones may break my…

  • Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Blue Fridays

    On Monday night, the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation launched an online store with a line of t-shirts for the Blue Fridays initiative. I ordered mine that night and got it this afternoon. To order a shirt of your own, visit http://dcaf.spreadshirt.com .

  • Almost Wordless Wednesday: A New Year’s Promise

    Here’s hoping that this is a promise of a better year to come. Captured this on the way back to Fort Wayne this evening and thought it was the perfect image to share on this first wordless Wednesday of 2014. Happy New Year Everyone!