• I’m Worn

    This song, “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North, says so many of the things that I’ve felt over the last several months.

  • Smash Diabetes Challenge

    So, my good friend Kelly Close nominated me for this Smash Diabetes Challenge as part of Diabetes Awareness Month.  I’ve accepted the challenge and, to spread the fun, I’m nominating my friends Ashley Rose, Michael Hoskins, Kate Cornell, and Sue Rericha. Without further adieu, I give you my rather hastily thrown together video.    Enjoy and Smash Diabetes!  

  • My Heart has a Cell Phone, Again

    On Monday I went for the appointment with the nurse practitioner at my cardiologist’s office.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been dealing with some weird heart palpitations and breathing issues, etc…, and it has been quite a while since I’ve have any tests done, so it was time for the visit. The NP noted my issues and, after consulting with another cardiologist at the practice, decided that I should wear a heart monitor for a month to see if we can document the issues I’m having.   So, once again, my heart has a cell phone. It was also decided that I should undergo a cardiac MRI in order to get a better idea of how well my…

  • Vlog: My Heart has a Cell Phone

    So, I’ve been talking about this thing since I got it Monday and decided that instead of trying to describe it in writing, I’d shoot a vlog post and show you.  So, without further delay, I present My Heart’s Cell Phone. Enjoy!

  • Photos & Video: The Chainsaw Carving Festival

    Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably seen my tweets about a chainsaw carving festival that April & I were planning to attend.  Well, the event came and April & I made the trip to it yesterday.  We had a great time despite the heavy rain that fell on us at one point.  Since some have asked me what in the world a chainsaw carving festival is, I thought I’d share some of the photos and a short video I shot while at the event and, hopefully, you’ll get the idea.  Enjoy!