• Guest Post: Mike is the MAN!

    Today’s guest post was written by the great Scott Johnson.  Scott and I had a chance to hangout and work together a couple of weekends ago at the TCOYD conference in Des Moines.  He was kind enough to answer my call for guest posts, and even kinder in what he wrote.  Thanks Scott! Mike, the awesome owner of this space, is away for a while and asked his friends to contribute a few guest posts. I am honored he asked, and I am more than happy to help out. Today, I’m writing on behalf of The Diabetes Collective, a new blog from DiabetesMonitor.com featuring several great contributors. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with Mike at a recent…

  • Wordless Wednesday: TCOYD in Des Moines

    The trip to Des Moines, IA two weekends ago for TCOYD was fantastic.  The conference was great and it provided an opportunity to spend time with dear friends from the DOC.   And I was able to capture bits and pieces on camera.  The pictures include shots of the diabetes guerrilla art banner created for Diabetes Art Day, shots from around town, and a few fun shots with Little G.  Enjoy!