• Merry Christmas DOC!

    Wishing peace, love, joy, and good health to everyone in the Diabetes Online Community, this Christmas and always. Lots of Love, DOC! Mike Durbin

  • Happy Thanksgiving DOC

    Wishing a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone in the Diabetes Online Community! Today is Thanksgiving, NOT Christmas Part 1.  Santa can wait! 🙂

  • Happy T1 Day, My Friends!

    Today to a special day for so many of my friends in the Diabetes Online Community, as 11-1-11, the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month, has been designated as T1 Day.  It is a day devoted to raising awareness for those living with Type 1 Diabetes.  It’s about raising awareness to the difficulties type 1’s deal with each and every day, dispelling the myths and misinformation spread through the media and other sources.  It a day for supporting those living with Type 1 Diabetes. And that’s what I do.  I love and support all of my friends who live this disease.  And I support their day,  T1 Day. To learn more about T1 Day, visit the JDRF’s website .  And…

  • An Angry Letter to D Pig – DBW Day 2

    Day two of Diabetes Blog Week is all about letter writing; letters about diabetes to be more specific.  The letters can be addressed to people, companies, etc…, real or imaginary.  With that in mind, I decided to take the approach of having some fictional characters write a letter to diabetes.  Enjoy! Recently, last night in fact, I returned home from work to discover that a secret meetup of epic proportions was taking place under my own roof.  Little G, that stealthy diabetes ninja warrior, and his high flying superhero friends, the Angry BirDies, had gathered to plot the demise of their evil green nemesis, D Pig! At the conclusion of the secret conclave, the fuzzy little bad asses issued a…

  • Little G’s Meltdown

    This just into the MDH Newsroom: Little G, the popular D ninja doll and star of the hit series “The Adventures of Little G”, has apparently gone off the deep end. MDH News has learned that the little ninja’s roommates have witnessed what can only be described as a complete meltdown. They told us that the star has spent recent days running around their home yelling “I’m a Winner! I’m a Winner!” and “I’ve got High Fructose Corn Syrup in my veins!” When asked about the motivation behind the sudden outburst, one of the roommates, Code S. Monkey, told MDH News that he believed this was a copy cat performance inspired by the recent debacle involving a certain Hollywood star.…