• Clean it Out – #DBlogWeek Day 3

    Diabetes Blog Week, Day 3 – Topic: Clean it Out . Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let’s clear stuff out.  What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out?  This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you’re mentally or emotionally hanging on to.  Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?   You know, I’ve had to think long and hard about how to respond to today’s topic, because there are half a million things, physical and mental, that I could stand to get out of my closet.  I could write about my recent diagnosis with PTSD and how I’m still struggling to make sense…

  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Wishing a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone in the Diabetes Online Community! May we all take time today to remember what this day is all about; Giving thanks for all of the blessings that come to us. Today, as with each day, I am thankful to be alive, I am thankful for my family and friends, and I am thankful for the good memories of those who are no longer here to share in this day. I’m thankful to have been able to spend more time with my family in Louisville this year.  My schedule and the distance make it difficult to get down there at times.  And, if I’m being honest, issues with my health over the last…

  • I’m Worn

    This song, “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North, says so many of the things that I’ve felt over the last several months.

  • Paid in full

    On September 3rd, I made the very last payment on my student loans. And as of October 5th, that account is no longer open and no longer appears on my credit report. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am to have that burden off of my shoulders. And I’m forever thankful for the angels in my life who made that possible.

  • Trying to Fix Me

    The better part of the last year, since watching my aunt die of cancer on July 27, 2013, has been a real struggle for me mentally. That experience pretty much blew open Pandora’s box of “why bother?” demons and poured them all over my head. While I’m no stranger to fighting those demons, this time has been different. This time, I’ve been losing that fight. I haven’t had the drive to care for myself as I have been. For almost 5 years, I’ve thrown myself head first into my treatment and management routines. Always on top of things. Yet there are now large gaps in my glucose logs. And other lapses that just aren’t normal for me. Let alone healthy.…