• #MakeDiabetesVisible Day 25

    Wearing my Dexcom on my arm sometimes leads to interesting conversations. Like yesterday, while I was visiting with my grandmother and two great-aunts. One of my aunts noticed it while I was checking the tape on it. “Oh, is that one of those things they’ve been advertising on tv, that you hold the meter over and scan to check your sugar?” She was thinking about the FreeStyle Libre. Then my grandmother chimed in that she asked the doctor about the Libre, but didn’t think it was right for her needs. And then my other aunt asked how the Dexcom and Libre worked and what the difference was. So, I explained how my device works, why I use it and how…

  • #MakeDiabetesVisible Day 23

    Sensor change before bed.  I’m tired and need to get to sleep because I have to travel home tomorrow, but I have to wait for this damn thing to warm up.  I love my Dexcom, but it is annoying at times.

  • #MakeDiabetesVisible Day 21

    There are no breaks from diabetes, even on holidays. Everything I’ll need to manage the beast while in Louisville fits in my Thompson case from Myabetic. Extra Insulin pens, meter, plenty of pen needles, alcohol swabs, chargers, oral meds, etc… all in one bag. Convenient, for sure.