• Worth a Read

    Today is the first day of Diabetes Blog Week and the first prompt is all about sharing blogs that we think others may not know about and introducing them to the community. The majority of the blogs that I read on a regular basis are well established and have been known to the community for quite some time.  There are some blogs, however, that have been around for a while that don’t get the attention that I believe they deserve.  Two of them come to mind immediately. Joy Benchmarks is the blog of friend and fellow DOC member, Marie Smith.  Marie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July 2011, and has lived with myasthenia gravis and thymoma cancer since…

  • Diabetes Blog Week is Coming

    The 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week is quickly approaching and I’ve signed up to participate once again.  For more information and to sign up, click the link below and head over to Karen’s Bitter-Sweet Diabetes blog. Many thanks to Karen for organizing this great event for our community again this year.

  • What A Week! – DBW Day 7

    Today is Day seven of Diabetes Blog Week and that means this year’s event is coming to a close.  Fittingly, today’s writing challenge is one of reflection.  Today, we are to look back on the last week, or on diabetic life since we found the D-OC, and talk about what we’ve learned.  So, here goes nothing. As I sit here struggling to figure out how to summarize this last week,  the one thought that comes to mind is “WOW! What an emotional roller coaster ride that was!” I love Diabetes Blog Week, reading all of the awesome blog posts of all the other participants, and even taking on the challenge of writing my own response to the daily prompts.  And…

  • Diabetes Snapshots – DBW Day 6

    Day six of Diabetes Blog Week is all about Diabetes Snapshots.  This is the only topic that was continued from last year.  And the photos will speak for themselves. For the most part anyway. 😉 Enjoy! A Birdie for Diabetes! We’re All Underdogs   Meeting Ben Vereen, PWD Type 2   Helping Alabama

  • Day of AWEsomeness – DBW Day 5

    Day five of Diabetes Blog Week is all about the awesome things that have come to our lives because of Diabetes.  And rather than writing, I decided to do a vlog, with shout outs to Mike, Cherise, Meredith, Kelly R. Alexis and Justice, Victoria and Kerri.  Enjoy!