• Thanks to Everyone – D Blessings Week Day 7

    On this 7th and final day of Diabetes Blessings Week, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and helped make this year’s event successful.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the posts that I’ve read so far.  It may take me a week or so, but I’ll get through all of them. 🙂 This week has been yet another reminder that I am not alone in my fight with Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure.  None of us are ever alone in this.   That’s one blessing for which we can all be thankful. And since it is Sunday, it is quite fitting that this song came to mind.  

  • Blue Friday Fun with the Family

    Today is day 5  of Diabetes Blessings Week and I’m here in Louisville, KY for the holiday weekend.  I’m so thankful that things worked out so that I could be here for Thanksgiving yesterday.  And I’m also thankful that I’ve been able to share my Blue Friday fun with my sister and my grandmother, who is also a type 2.  Check out the pictures below. Thing Type 2 and Buddy the dog Thing Type Sister Thing Type 2 Grandma Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Blue Friday!

  • Happy Thanksgiving DOC

    Wishing a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone in the Diabetes Online Community! Today is Thanksgiving, NOT Christmas Part 1.  Santa can wait! 🙂

  • I’m Still Cheering – D Blessings Week Day 3

    Today is day 3 of Diabetes Blessings Week.   This post is a rehash of what I wrote on day 3 of last year’s D Blessings Week.  What I wrote then is still true today and is worth repeating this year. Deep down, I am just a kind hearted, gentle giant.  That’s a fact that many in the Diabetes Online Community have come to know.  When those around me are hurting, I hurt too.  When someone needs encouragement, a hug, or a simple smile, I give it.  Simply put, I’m the kind of guy who’d give the shirt off his back to help someone. Diabetes has blessed me with the opportunity to be a cheerleader for others living with the various…

  • Amazing People – D Blessings Week Day 2

    It’s day 2 of Diabetes Blessings Week, and today’s post is devoted to the some of the amazing people I have been blessed to be able to meet in person since my diagnosis.   Since I’m a subscriber of the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to let the ones below do the talking for me. I am quite thankful to have had the opportunity to meet all of these individuals, and even more thankful to be able to consider many of them my friends.