• Diabetes Art Day: The Garden of Pain

    Today is the 3rd annual Diabetes Art Day, and I’m proud to be able to participate and support this worthwhile event.  This year, I’ve strayed away from the community theme that I ran with previously.  The idea for this creation came from another project that I had started a few months back, was extremely excited about, and then it fell apart.  It happens.  But the idea stuck around.  And after a visit to a sculpture garden in while in Des Moines for TCOYD this past weekend, I was inspired to move forward.   So, I give you “The Garden of Pain”.  Diabetes can be a very dark, lonely, and painful disease.

  • A DOC Logo – Diabetes Art Day

    So today is the second annual Diabetes Art Day, and I’m so excited to be contributing again this year.  I decided to stick with the community theme that I started with the last year’s Diabetes Family Tree, and having been inspired by a question during DSMA last night, I present you with what I believe a Diabetes Online Community Logo should look like. In addition to this being my submission for Diabetes Art Day, I have set up a section on my CafePress shop with merchandise bearing the logo.  And all of the proceeds from selling the merchandise will be donated to help Dustin Iris and his family.  So, not only will you be able to wear your DOC pride…

  • September 1st is Diabetes Art Day

    The 2nd annual Diabetes Art Day will take place just over a week from now on Thursday, September 1, 2011. For those who don’t know, Diabetes Art Day was created last year by my friend, fellow DOC member and art therapist, Lee Ann Thill. She blogs over at The Butter Compartment. The inaugural Diabetes Art Day was an unqualified success, and I’m proud to say that I’ll be participating again this year. And I hope that the rest of the Diabetes Online Community will join the fun again as well. And that’s what Diabetes Art Day is all about; having fun with our DOC family and friends while offering a glimpse into life with Diabetes by way of artistic expression.…

  • A Worthwhile Entry

    The winners of the poetry book drawing, hosted by Lee Ann Thill over at The Butter Compartment, have been announced.   My congratulations to the winners, Virtue and Sherry . While my entry wasn’t one of the chosen two, I’m still glad that I took the time to put it together and submit it.   I had a lot of fun making it, so it was definitely worthwhile.