• Ironic Inspiration

    So, today is a special Diabetes Art Day, with all creations focused on a central theme of test strip accuracy and safety.  The event is being hosted in collaboration with Strip Safely. I had been struggling with what to do for this project and, given everything I’ve been dealing with the last month, I had seriously considered not doing anything at all. Then a bit of inspiration came in the mail this morning. Most in the DOC are aware of the test strip and meter recall that Nova Biomedical announced recently, myself included. Well today, I received a certified letter from them about the recall. And in checking the meter kit they sent me a while back, I discovered that…

  • Diabetes Goes Mobile

    Today is the 4th Annual Diabetes Art Day and I’m proud to be able to participate in and support this awesome initiative started by my friend Lee Ann Thill. Over the last few years, my entries for this event have been solo efforts, thought up, designed and crafted by me.  This year, however, April got in on the fun, too.  She’s had an idea for creating a hanging mobile using diabetes supplies for a couple of years now, but we just haven’t been able to get it done.  We discussed ideas over the last week and decided this would be a great time to make it happen. So, I gathered up a bunch of empty Lantus and Byetta Pens, some…

  • Wordless Wednesday: TCOYD in Des Moines

    The trip to Des Moines, IA two weekends ago for TCOYD was fantastic.  The conference was great and it provided an opportunity to spend time with dear friends from the DOC.   And I was able to capture bits and pieces on camera.  The pictures include shots of the diabetes guerrilla art banner created for Diabetes Art Day, shots from around town, and a few fun shots with Little G.  Enjoy!

  • Diabetes Art Day: The Garden of Pain

    Today is the 3rd annual Diabetes Art Day, and I’m proud to be able to participate and support this worthwhile event.  This year, I’ve strayed away from the community theme that I ran with previously.  The idea for this creation came from another project that I had started a few months back, was extremely excited about, and then it fell apart.  It happens.  But the idea stuck around.  And after a visit to a sculpture garden in while in Des Moines for TCOYD this past weekend, I was inspired to move forward.   So, I give you “The Garden of Pain”.  Diabetes can be a very dark, lonely, and painful disease.