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Almost Wordless Wednesday: HealtheVoices18

In late April, I was fortunate enough to attend the HealtheVoices18 conference in Chicago. The sessions were great, but it’s the connections with the amazing advocates in attendance that mean the most to me.  These images highlight that.

The Attendees


Patient Advocates who Inspire Me

Remember friends, A Little Heart Can Do Big Things

Disclaimer: Janssen covered my travel, lodging, and meal expenses for this conference. All thoughts and opinions expressed here on My Diabetic Heart and related social media channels are my own.

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  • Jenny

    Hey Mike. Came across your blog while searching for the costs of the Dexcom CGM. Thanks for sharing your journey. Without going through all your posts I wanted to know if you have tried a plant-based, low-fat, whole foods diet? I read a book by Dr Joel Fuhrman that changed my life and then I joined an on-line coaching group called Mastering Diabetes. Thought I would just share. All the best.

    • Mike

      Hi Jenny, I have tried a number of different diets over the years with varying success. Nowadays, I just try to eat healthy options in moderation. I do not subscribe to or endorse any particular diet. I’m glad that you have found something that works well for you. That’s what matters. Thanks for reaching out. All the best!