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Hello, Trulicity; So long, Victoza!

So, yesterday I took my first dose of Trulicity. It’s a once a week medication, taken via injection, to help with the insulin resistance with which I struggle.

This change comes due to my insurance company stopping coverage for the Victoza that I’ve used successfully for a number of years.

I’ve been putting this change off for a while.  Mostly because I’m stubborn and angry about having to give up a medication that works for me because some clueless jerk at the insurance company wants to play god with my health.  And also because I had a stockpile of Victoza that I acquired from friends who no longer use it, samples from my doctor, and out of pocket purchases that I made myself.  Unfortunately, that stockpile has been exhausted, I can’t continue paying out of pocket, and my willingness to continue fighting this battle has waned.

So, I’m biting this bullet and moving forward.  It’s like welcoming a new friend, while begrudgingly bidding farewell to an old friend.   Hello, Trulicity; So long, Victoza.

I’ll be sharing more about this soon.  For now, wish me luck.



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