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Make Diabetes Visible: Day 2

Today’s image is actually a few years old and was created in response to the photo day prompt for Diabetes Blog Week.   While my diagnosis and some medications have changed since then, it’s still relevant as it captures so many aspects of my life with diabetes.

Sometimes, less really is more.  This one photo encompasses many of the aspects of my life with diabetes and congestive heart failure. It depicts all of the things that are a part of life each day.  All of the pills for my heart, all of the blood glucose checks, and all of the injections.  It pays tribute to events that are important to me.  The sculpture in the middle is the “Garden of Pain” piece that I did for Diabetes Art Day a while back.  And it offers a nod to technologies that make life with both diseases a little easier.  Meters that connect to smartphones and that well known hashtag I created on Twitter.

One image.  So many messages.  Less is more. #MakeDiabetesVisible



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