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Diabetes and The Unexpected: Top 10 List

Welcome to day one of Diabetes Blog Week, an annual initiative organized by my dear friend, Karen, over at Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. I’m both excited and proud to participate and support this event for the 8th consecutive year. 

Today’s topic: Diabetes and The Unexpected
Diabetes can sometimes seem to play by a rulebook that makes no sense, tossing out unexpected challenges at random. What are your best tips for being prepared when the unexpected happens?  Or, take this topic another way and tell us about some good things diabetes has brought into your, or your loved one’s, life that you never could have expected?

From the the Islets of Langerhans, in the pit of my Confusing Pancreas, here are the top 10 things that I didn’t expect in my life with diabetes.

10.  I didn’t expect to start a blog about my life with diabetes and congestive heart failure, or for it to still be around 8 years later.

9.  I didn’t expect to find such an amazing community as I’ve found in the Diabetes Online Community.

8. I didn’t expect to meet so many wonderful people because of my diagnosis.

7. I certainly never expected to be traveling the country to meet strangers I met online.

6. I didn’t expect diabetes to impact every aspect of my life.  But it does.

5. I didn’t expect to deal with as much burnout as I have.  This shit is hard to live with 24/7/365.

4. I never expected to find test strips in the microwave, the fridge, or dryer lint trap. They are everywhere!

3. I never imagined that it would all cost so fucking much. Even with insurance.

2. I didn’t expect a label to mean so much in terms of my treatment options, the stigmas I would face, and my identity.

And finally, the number one thing I didn’t expect in my life with diabetes is:

1. Surprise, you were misdiagnosed 7 years ago! You don’t have Type 2 diabetes, You have LADA!

And there you have tonight’s top 10 list, ladies and gentlemen.  Good night, folks!

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