HealtheVoices17: The Session Illustrations

During the weekend of April 21-23, I had the opportunity to attend the HealtheVoices17 conference in Chicago.  It was an amazing experience, bringing together 105 advocates from around the world, who represented 35 different health conditions.   I’m still trying to wrap my head around the events of the weekend, and will have more posts on it soon.  As a start, though, I want to share the illustrations that two incredibly talented artists created to document each session as they were taking place.  Great work, Monica and Kevin!

Day 1

Group session: Energy Management with Rhonda Waters

Group Session: Together We Thrive: The Power of Our Stories

Panel Discussion: Combatting the Stigma of Chronic Illness

Empathy and Emotion: Navigating the Advocacy Landscape
While Maintaining Your Own Mental Well-Being

Day 2

Group Session: The Facebook Family of Apps & the Patient Journey

Breakout Session: How to be an Effective Policy Advocate

Breakout Session: Storytelling in a Mobile World

Breakout Session: Advocacy Beyond the Blog:
Making the Most out of a Medical Meeting

Breakout Session: Panel Discussion: Media 101:
Approaching and Building Relationships with the Media

Breakout Session: Here’s How to Get Video Done

Breakout Session: How to Grow Your Audience Smartly and Effectively

Breakout Session: Creating Credible, Strong Content –
How to Interpret and Share Scientific Data with Your Audience

Breakout Session: Panel Discussion: Showing Your Expertise
While Financially Supporting Your Online Advocacy

Group Session: The 10 Fundamentals of YouTube:
How to Set a Creative Strategy

Disclaimer: Janssen paid for my travel expenses for the conference.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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