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Foods on Friday – #DBlogWeek Day 5

Diabetes Blog Week, Day 5 – Topic: Foods on Friday.   Taking a cue from Adam Brown’s recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.  

Folks, I sat down with the intention of writing a serious post about an ideal day, but I just can’t get it out.  And since my computer shutdown and performed updates in the middle of my writing, my thoughts are even more scrambled, and I’m less inclined to try anymore.  So, I’m adding this one to the f**k it list and calling it a day.

But I can’t leave you without something to think about.  That’d be wrong.  So, I give you a picture of a bacon cupcake known as The Sweet Oinker.

The Sweet Oinker
The Sweet Oinker


The Sweet Oinker is a delightful confection, made up of a pecan cupcake that is topped with a maple buttercream frosting and, of course, bacon.

It is an intriguing combination of two of my favorite foods, bacon and cupcakes.  It’s not for everyone, but I like it.  It makes me happy.  And that’s what matters.

Lots of love!

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  • Laddie Lindahl

    You and George Simmons should bond over bacon. My guess is that cupcake is good, but it seems absolutely disgusting to me. No, let me take that back. If the only bacon in it is the garnish on top, I could easily pick that off and delight in the rest of The Sweet Oinker.

    • Mike

      George and I have bonded over bacon. 🙂 The cupcake is good but, as I said, it isn’t for everyone. And yes, in this instance, the only bacon is on top. You’d probably enjoy the rest.