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Durbin Family Fire Relief Fund

In the late hours of Monday, December 1st, I received a heartbreaking call from my mother telling me that she had just lost her home to an electrical fire. It started on the first floor and spread up a wall to their second floor bedroom. My mom and step-dad were in bed at the time and barely made it out through the smoke. We are incredibly thankful that they got out alive.

Sadly, they weren’t able to save much. What wasn’t directly destroyed by the fire was lost to smoke and water damage.
While insurance will help them recover in the long term, their immediate needs are great. I’d like to lighten that burden and hope that you will consider a donation to help as well.

On behalf of my family, thank you for helping in whatever way possible.

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  • Scott K. Johnson

    Mike, I was so sorry to hear about this. I’m relieved to hear that your loved ones made it out safely, though I’m sure it was terrifying and very traumatic. Sending you and your family love and support, and I’m glad to help spread the word.