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More than a little discomfort

My appointment at the urologist’s office this morning was interesting to say the least. Down right painful and unsettling if I’m being honest.
I’m not going to share any great details, but I’ll say that prostate exams and catheters are not pleasant experiences at all.

The problem, it appears, is my bladder is not emptying completely. The organ itself is functioning but not optimally. The NP doesn’t seem to think the problem is severe and wants me to try a medication for a couple of months to see if that will resolve the issue. I’m hopeful that it will. I’ll follow up with the office in a few months.

As if the experience of that appointment wasn’t painful enough to deal with today, I had to spend the afternoon wading through prior authorization hell with my insurance company. First when I received a call from the heart pavilion to tell my my Cardiac MRI couldn’t be scheduled until the insurance had deemed it medically necessary, and then again when I tried to pick up my Insulin pens from CVS. Hopefully, that situation will be unscrewed soon. I’m running low.

For now, I’m going to put an end to the rough day. Good night!

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  • Lonnie

    Wow, indeed a rough day. I got stressed just by reading it and imagining how rough your day had been. So how did it go with your insurance company?