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Appointments made

On Monday I finally heard back from my doctor’s office about why they were trying to get in touch with me last week. They had test results to share, and to tell me that I needed to make appointments with my cardiologist and a new doctor, a urologist.

I’ve been dealing with some weird heart palpitations, breathing issues, etc and pain as of late. I had addressed this with my PCP when I saw her and she ordered an EKG. Based on the results, and the fact that I haven’t seen him in a year, I was told to make an appointment with my cardiologist. Well, he’s out of the office until March, so I’ll be seeing his nurse practitioner next Monday afternoon.

Now, about that Plummer … I mean urologist appointment.

The fact of the matter is there’s something wrong with the water works. We initially thought I might have a bladder infection, or urinary tract infection, and tried to treat the issue as such. But, the problem remains.

My doctor ordered urine analysis tests to check for other potential infections and diseases, the results of which all came back negative. So, having exhausted her knowledge, the doctor has referred me to a urologist for further testing to determine what’s going on. That appointment is next Friday morning.

I must admit to being quite nervous about that appointment and what their testing may discover. I’m trying to be positive and open to the idea that it’s going to be something simple and easily treatable. And, if the opposite is the case, well, I’ll burn that bridge if I get to it.

For now, I just have to stay away from Dr. Google and his big book of scary bovine fecal matter.

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