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Help Ashley & Moyer

On Christmas Eve, my friend Ashley learned that her beloved dog, Moyer, has stage 3 lymphatic cancer and that he has 4 weeks to live if he doesn’t receive chemo therapy.   Those treatments offer a 90% chance of saving Moyer, but at a cost of $5,500, neither Ashley or her family can afford it.  That’s where we come in.

Ashley and Moyer

Ashley’s sister has setup a GiveForward campaign to help raise the money to pay for Moyer’s chemo treatments.

If you’re able to do so, please help by making a donation.  Every little bit helps.  And if you’re not able to donate financially, that’s fine.  Give a few minutes of your time to help share the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, a blog post, etc…

Ashley is a dear friend to many in the Diabetes Online Community and she needs our help.  Let’s make this happen.

Moyer’s Cancer Fund

Thank You!

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  • Ashley

    Thanks Mike! First for caring and writing this, second for your help and third for sharing on Twitter. You’re a great friend and Moyer & I can’t thank you enough!