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Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is now a week past but that holiday weekend with my family is still rather fresh in all of our minds.   While it was bittersweet due to recent losses in the family, it was a great weekend overall.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time we had together.

April, her dad, and I had dinner with my mom, sister, grandmother, two great aunts and great uncle on Thursday and again on Saturday before we came home.  April and I ventured out to Walmart on Black Friday to try finding a few things.  While we were there we remembered hearing my grandmother make the comment that she had always wanted to buy the kits for making gingerbread houses but never had.  So, we bought a bunch of stuff and surprised her when we returned home.  We spent the rest of Friday night and most of Saturday building a gingerbread house, a Christmas tree, and a train.  And we had a blast doing so.  It was the happiest we’ve seen my grandmother in a long time.

It was quality time that was very much needed by all of us, and the memories made and captured that weekend will last forever.  For that, I’m thankful.

Dinner with my family
Dinner with my family
All finished.
Our gingerbread train, Christmas tree, and house.

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